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The Boardwalk


  1. Thaw overnight in container in the refrigerator for enjoyment the next day. You can also Thaw in container, in a warm water bath for 1 hour.
  2. Once thawed, there are (2) cooking options:
    a. Double Boiler: Pour bisque out of plastic container into Double Boiler with lid on, on a “Medium” temperature setting for 15-20 minutes to desired temperature.
    b. Boiling Water Bath: Fill a pot with water and heat on HIGH until a rolling boil. Once there is a rolling boil, make sure lid is completely sealed on the container of Lobster Bisque. Remove the top sticker and place the entire container with the lid on tight, in the boiling water bath. Heat for 15-20 minutes in water bath. In this way you will gently heat up the bisque without the worry of burning or scorching the bisque. 

*Tip: Do not heat up the bisque in a regular pot directly on the heat. Our Frozen Lobster Bisque is handmade at The Boardwalk and is very sensitive to direct heat. Warming up directly in a pot risks burning or scorching the bisque even at the lowest temperature testing.